Iron County and Municipalities Officials
Iron County
Mailing Address: Iron County Courthouse
  P.O. Box 42
  Ironton, MO 63650
Presiding Commissioner: Honorable Jim Scaggs
County Clerk: Ms. Stephanie Lebron
Phone: 573-546-2912
Mailing Address: 204 School Street
  Annapolis, MO 63620
Mayor: Honorable William Tidwell
City Clerk/Collector: Ms. Sandy May
Phone: 573-598-3531
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 86
  Arcadia, MO 63621
Mayor: Honorable Roy Carr
City Clerk: Lisa Light
Phone: 573-546-7573
Mailing Address: Village of Des Arc
  P.O. Box 207
  Des Arc, MO 63636
Chairman: Honorable Ken Sutton
Village Clerk/Treasurer: Ms. Leslie German
Mailing Address: 123 N. Main St.
  Ironton, MO 63650
Mayor: Honorable Robert Lourwood
City Clerk: Ms. Dee Jackson
Phone: 573-546-3545
Mailing Address: 112 S. McCune
  P.O. Box 188
  Pilot Knob, MO 63663
Mayor: Honorable Shelby Chan
City Clerk: Ms. Tami Browers
Phone: 573-546-2175
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 596
  Viburnum, MO 65566
Mayor: Honorable Johnny Setzer
City Clerk: Dana Mayberry
Phone: 573-244-5520