Revolving Loan Fund

The SEMO RPC has a revolving loan fund for private enterprises, public and non-profit small businesses located within the 7-county region in which we serve. The funding must support the creation or retention of jobs within the region. Financing is available for most business needs however, restructuring of existing debt is not eligible. If the project involves construction, Davis-Bacon wage rates must be approved by the EDA. Project funding can be coupled with other loan programs or lending sources. A single project has a maximum funding amount of $100,000.00, the funding from the SEMO RPC pool is limited. RLF loans will have a fixed interest rate. Repayment of RLF funds will be based on the cash flow of the business. Funds borrowed to purchase land or buildings will be placed on a repayment plan for up 15 years, purchase of machinery or equipment will place on repayment plans ranging from 5-10 years, and inventory and working capital loans will be placed on repayment plans for 3-7 years. RLF loans will be secured by the best collateral position available and can be subordinated. Personal guarantees of the owner(s) of the business are required. Contact the SEMO RPC for more information or a loan application for the SEMO RPC RLF funds. Please submit applications to

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